You might be in the same boat but have had singing on your bucket list for what feels like forever.

Or you're simply not sure what your voice can do and want to give it a whirl.


FUN DINNER PARTY FACT: One study of non musicians showed that as high as 60% of people struggle to sing in tune, but it's not because they can't.

20% of those were because don't know the mechanics of using their vocal cords (which you can learn) and 35% simply needed to train their ear to match pitches from other instruments (again, learning).


So singing is a learned skill, just like learning to play the trumpet or tennis.

Firstly I am sure you’re not as bad as you think. A lot of students tell me that they’re tone deaf and sound like a strangled cat when the reality is that they can hold a decent tune, so ease up on yourself!

We all start at this point, feeling a little nervous and lacking in confidence, so take it slow.


If you're not quite feeling ready for a lesson or to dive into a full course, I'd head over to my super simple beginners mini course The Secret Society for Non Singers.

It has a free series of videos that will take you through the baby steps to start to explore your voice in the comfort of your home before you get into lessons territory.