There are unfortunately none of these workshops scheduled at this time.

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Craving a workshop where you can develop your technique AND work on the mindset stuff holding you back?



I see far too many singers with beautiful voices sabotage their own success or keep themselves from going ALL IN.

Your mindset not only stops you from putting yourself out there but also has huge implications on your technique. Our body is our instrument and our mind likes to mess with it if we're not feeling 100% on fire.


Singing and performing is a very vulnerable activity. It asks us to share parts of ourselves that we're not always comfortable putting out there.

It can feel confronting and bring up some pretty icky emotions and thoughts.

Am I successful? What does success look like? Will they like me? What criticism should I take on board?


Perfectionism, comparison and self sabotage are just a few of the things that crop up. Usually we just soldier on, swallow them down and push through the fear and doubt, but there's got to be a better way.

It can be hard to find other singers willing to talk openly with you about their journey and what works/doesn't work for them in a safe space.

That's where Mindset and Masterclass comes in.


It's time to come up with a plan to work on those inner demons as well as your technique so that your voice actually gets heard.



  • are being held back by self doubt or fear in some way

  • want some constructive feedback on how to improve your voice that you can take home and work on

  • would love to connect with other singers in a positive space

  • need some guidance on how to reach your singing goals

  • are keen to learn from other singers as well as share some of your ideas and experiences to help them on their journey

  • feel a little unsure of the best way to practice to get the results you're after

  • would love to share your voice in a fun and encouraging environment!

No matter your level, this workshop will give you a lot to think about in regards to how you approach singing, the self talk that goes on during a performance or rehearsal and inspire you to set some even bigger vocal goals with the encouragement of other singers.

Just a note, this workshop is aimed at adults who sing in contemporary styles (pop, rock, musical theatre etc).




Hi I'm Kim (if you don't know me already) - passionate singing teacher and voice nerd.

When I was growing up as a singer, I was never asked about how I felt about what I was doing, where I wanted to go to and lacked support when things didn't go according to plan.

I've seen how much transformation happens when singers come together to share their thoughts, ideas, passion and fears.

Guiding them through common mindset blocks such as confidence, perfectionism and judgement is where my heart lies and being able to do that in cities all over the world has been an incredible ride!


The workshop was created as a combination of the technique side of things (the masterclass segment where I give you feedback and things to work on) and the down and dirty mindset stuff (where we come together and share experiences, goals and ideas to help each other out as artists).





"A great opportunity to work through the challenges standing between us and vocal success and a great opportunity to get feedback in a supportive environment."

"Really rewarding and inspiring - I left feeling like I really knew what I wanted to do with my singing."

"Kim is not just a teacher, she's a counsellor, a motivator and more importantly a friend. She's made me come further than I ever thought I could."

"A very cathartic, rewarding experience which broke me out of my shell. I really needed this!" 

"I felt safe, accepted and understood. Your information was amazing!"

"I got a lot out of connecting with other singers and sharing common problems."


Places are VERY limited (a max of 10) to allow enough one on one time in the masterclass section for you to get plenty of feedback, so if you're interested in snapping up one of the places - go for it!

You also get...

    • tea and snacks

    • take home notes with specific techniques and exercises to work on to further develop that beautiful voice of yours!

    • a complimentary copy of my eBook Shine Brighter before the workshop so you can start to work on what it is that might be holding you back and what you may want clarity on or answers about in the workshop.



Just click the button below to grab your ticket (click it multiple times to add more than one ticket to your cart) and you’ll get a copy of my eBook and a PDF with all the details of the class once payment has gone through.

I cannot wait to meet you in person and unleash some incredible changes in the way you sing and the way you think about yourself and your voice.


There are unfortunately none of these workshops scheduled at this time.

BUT you could choose to get notified about upcoming ones and get access to three of my online workshops right here!