I'm a singing teacher / vocal coach / whatever fancy schmancy name you want to give me - I help people wrangle their voices into shape in person and via Skype from my studio in Melbourne.

Most of what I do in singing lessons involves getting people out of their own way and highlighting what they've already got. You may think you sound like a dying cat, but I can guarantee that cat can be revived.

So take a look around, I have bucketloads of free content to explore.

  • There's a free mini course for total beginners - The Secret Society for Non Singers
  • There's a 30 Day Singing Challenge for people who already sing and are looking for something to spice up their routine
  • There are free bite-sized training videos over on YouTube, useful articles on the Blog and of course the treasure trove I call the Kickstarter Pack if you want to jump on board my love letter list

And then if you're still hungry, my book, online courses and exercises are available in the Shop